Welcome to my Neverending Projects List.  This website is just a way for me to share all of my hobbies/projects that I have worked on over the years. (and currently of course.) New content will be added as I work on new projects.

I’ve always loved to make stuff even as a kid. I remember one of my first projects as a kid was a notification system for our cat. (My mom still raves about this one.) The cat use to sit on the deck railing looking in the window hoping you would see her and let her in. This worked out well for her if it was daytime, but at night you couldn’t see out the windows if the inside lights were on so I came up with a simple system using some plywood, aluminum foil, a spring, and a battery powered light. The aluminum foil was glued to each side of a piece of plywood with a spring in the middle. The light and battery combo were hooked to each piece of foil so when the cat sat on the plywood it would compress the spring and the foils would touch acting like a switch and the light on top of the TV would go on informing us the cat was ready to come in. Unfortunately it wasn’t discriminating and it worked for raccoons also so they almost got let in on one occasion too.

Another fun project I made as a kid was a set of automatic mini blinds. I took the inner workings of a automatic squirt gun and a spool from sewing thread and attached it to the wand so I could open and close them from bed via a switch on the wall. (I think I still have the parts from this some 30 years later.)

I’ve always loved the motto “Imagine, Create, Inspire” so while some of these project may be decades old and some my not even be finished I’ll share them anyway because they might give others ideas or inspiration….  Enjoy.



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